Bulletin 1.3.20


Rhinebeck High School Daily Bulletin


Today is Friday, January 3, and it’s a D day.  


Did you know?

January is named after Janus, the god of duality and new beginnings.  He has two faces: one looking forward and one looking back.


Creative Writing Club will not meet this Monday, but it will meet NEXT Monday, opposite Environmental club meetings.  All are welcome.



Varsity Track and Field:  If you are interested in competing in Varsity Track and Field and are not currently in a sport, please see Coach Randall or Coach Sneed.



Don’t forget! After school snacks are available for purchase every day at the BMS cafeteria until 3:10 pm!


Community Service:  Check the community service calendar for more information! 


Happy Birthday to Emily Gibbons and Britney Cruz-Cruz!