Rhinebeck HS Fall Drama Club’s Latest Production






“13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview”

A Short Comedy by Ian McWethy

When two college recruiters at a prestigious university, Carolina Dickens and Rebecca Reed, need to fill one last spot to keep their jobs, thirteen eccentric, dimwitted and slightly-insane high school seniors are eager to come in for an interview. What seems like a simple task turns into a nightmare when the applicants turn out to be a reality TV star, (Chloe Moor), a practicing vampire, (Radha Lahiri) an amateur magician,(Olivia Selby) and other quirky characters. Each applicant’s interview hilariously illustrates what NOT to do at a college interview.

Club advisor, Cynthia Baer says, “Like everything else this year, the play experience has changed – expanded I should say. Although it has been a challenge to learn how to present a play virtually, our club members have stepped up to the plate and have committed themselves to putting on an entertaining show in a new way. This will be the first time for the Drama Club to stream a production. I don’t know what I would have done without the expertise of Radha Lahiri (Jr), who has been playing around with editing software on her spare time, Riley LeHane (Jr), who, in my opinion, is the current RHS expert for sound effects, and Carolina Dickens (Sr), our Club v.p. who has been working remotely to help get the word out about the show.

The 40-minute show will stream on Thursday, December 10 at 7pm thru the streaming service Broadway on Demand thru ShowShare. You can access BOD on your computer or mobile device from anywhere. Google Chrome is recommended as your web browser for optimal streaming. From your tablet or smartphone simply download the free app on Apple Store and Google Pay (android). Find the BOD App on your AppleTV, Roku. Ticket sales will begin next week as we work to finalize virtual details. Stay tuned for more info or email Cynthia Baer at [email protected].


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Actors in Order of Appearance

Interviewer 1 : Carolina Dickens

Interviewer 2 : Rebecca Reed

Harold : Alexis Martinez

Kimberly : Chloe Moor

Producer : Manny Allen

Maria : Kaiya Stafford

Brett : Owen Oleszewski

Lily : Alejandra Dickens

Melvin : Owen Oleszewski

Kelly : Lara Fusaro

Jeff : Tom Stark

Eve : Olivia Scott

Elizabeth : Radha Lahiri

Ben : Manny Allen

Jason :  Olivia Selby

Emily :  Frances Nathan

EMAIL CONTACT: [email protected]