Tea Time: Are Zoom Dates worth it?

Tea Time: Are Zoom Dates worth it?

Earl Grey

Earl Grey,

What are your thoughts on Zoom dates? Is it worth it to pursue a relationship during COVID? 

—A Quarantined Romantic 


This is a very interesting question. In the last year everything has changed drastically, and almost all relationships are online now. 


This can be a good thing: less social anxiety, more time to come up with a response. But it can also be really hard to not see the person in real life or to pick up on social cues.


 Zoom dates can be a great way to break through the internet barrier. I think it’s important not to put too much strain on the idea of it being a real date, because obviously it’s gonna be lacking many of the first date experiences. 


I recommend if you’re gonna have a Zoom date, you should have a plan to do something. For example, watching a movie together is a great way to get past the awkwardness of it, but still be able to see each other’s faces and to chat. 


You could also each bring a little snack, like a dinner date, but be warned that this could go wrong. If only one of you brings food then you can find yourself awkwardly crunching on veggie dino nuggets while they try to talk to you about Harry Potter and you mumble your limited knowledge through bites of fake chicken. Or something like that, definitely not speaking from personal experience…


Overall, dating in the time of COVID is extremely hard, but it can also be a really good way to grow in relationships. I’d say go for it, the worst that could happen is you have an awkward time, and the best could be the beginnings of something new! 


Good luck,

Earl Grey