Anyone Want Some Berries and Cream?

What Do You Meme?


Alejandra Dickens, Digital Media Editor

If your For You Page is a little like mine then your page is flooded with berries and cream audios. The sound is connected to an early 2000’s advert for Starburst. The ad is for a berries and cream flavor of starburst that features a “little lad”. The unhinged fever dream of an advert is what makes this audio stand out. The “little lad” interrupts two friends then sings about the berries and cream in the starbursts. Because the original commercial took off, there is also a tutorial on how to do the little lad dance. It’s “easy-peasy” just run in place, clap your hands, touch your right heel with your left and your left heel with your right. 

At first the trend started off with people giving off little lad vibes and now the audio is being stitched into popular songs. People are getting super creative with their berries and cream song mashups. Nobody really knows why the audio is so popular but we are all here for it.

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