Fall Sports are Back!

Fall Sports are Back!

Colin Reichelt, Sports Reporter

Rhinebeck Reality sat down with coaches on the ups and downs of this year’s fall season.

GOLF This year the golf team kicked off with an interesting start. The team had the most kids ever try out (13). The coaches had to make a difficult decision and cut players. 

“I’m very excited, this year we had more kids come out for the Golf team than we’ve ever had, and that’s a good sign for golf,” Jutton said. I asked Coach Jutton about playing in the Spring instead of the fall last year because of COVID. “I’m glad we had that opportunity to play last year and the season wasn’t canceled, so I preferred that. I wish that we would move the golf season to the spring so that it is aligned with the New York State Tournament and Section 9 Tournament. But I enjoy coaching it in the fall.”

VOLLEYBALL Coach Rebracca, who coaches the volleyball team at Rhinebeck, talked about having a core of 3 players.  “It felt really good knowing I had Kylie, Ava, and Katie coming back. Ava and Katie were playing year round at the time and they are just really solid players, and Kylie is super athletic,” Rebracca said.

I asked Coach Rebracca and Mr. Sneed about having younger rosters. “It’s definitely a challenge, but I think we have kids that are rising up to the occasion. “It’s exciting to see the new players really make improvements over the course of the year. They still have a lot to learn about the game of volleyball, but they are making a ton of improvements,” said Rebracca. Sneed echoed some of Rebraca’s enthusiasm. “The young roster is exciting, for sure. We just placed 2nd at a local invitational at Saugerties and followed that up with a 5th place finish as a team at the Burnt Hills Invite up in Saratoga,” said Mr. Sneed. Coach Rebracca said that if she had to have a celebrity on her team she would have Cary Walsh come and meet the team. With all her successes in the court. Rebracca remarked that she proves that with challenges come successes.

Mr.Grande’s Girls Varsity soccer team suffered some injuries this year and lost some key players. 

”Losing any player to injury is heartbreaking, especially for seniors. “I worry most about their well-being rather than fret about games and practices, as someone always steps up to fill a role from the bench,” Grande said.

“Coming back, I was so so so happy to have this particular group of players. I was thrilled to return, and they fell into the old system that Mr. Burg and I designed pretty quickly,” Grande said about coming back after a year off. Mr.Sneed talked about the exceedingly fast roster he has for this year’s Cross Country team. 

“One place I’d love to take the team during our off-season would be the NCAA Division 1 cross country championships. “The best way to get people excited about running is to expose them to a big field where the talent and skill is tangible,” said Mr Sneed. This year Fall sports were especially important to get back to for players and coaches. As Fall sports wrapped up this year with losses and wins I think we can all agree that it was a great season to watch unfold.