Crowd Control in the Hawks Nest


Vasiliki Psichas

The Varsity Boys Basketball huddling during a time out.

Colin Reichelt, Sports Reporter

COVID-19 is still lingering, and it is taking a toll on RHS games.

High school sports are the best social events for high schools, bringing every kid out to support their classmates. Rhinebeck as we know doesn’t have a football team, so the school can’t wait for the basketball season. 

Rhinebeck basketball in the past few years has been going through a rebuild. But now the Hawks are out to a 7-2 record and looking to use the 3 game win streak momentum going into the big rival game on Friday against Spackenkill. 

But a quarter of the way through the season, there was a fan restriction put into effect at Rhinebeck High School, allowing only four family members per player at home games and 2 family members per player for the away games.

I asked some of the players and classmates how they feel about this restriction.

“It’s annoying, it’s disappointing to not be able to watch the players play ball in person,” said Ava Wolfe.

“It is sad not being able to see my friends play in the games and cheer them on.With everything going on it was nice to go cheer on my friends on the basketball court,” said Laura Voorhis.

“I mean I see why but if I’m having lunch with these kids with no mask on, why can’t we go in the gym and cheer on our classmates with masks on?” said Joshua Youngquist. 

Players agree.  I interviewed the starting small forward for the Hawks Bryce Aierstok.

“I mean I know myself and my teammates love the packed crowds and our classmates cheer us on. It brings the game alive and a fun atmosphere, and to be taken away,”said Aierstok.

Jack Viator added how much he loved having the fans.

“It brought that atmosphere of fun and then rattling the opposing team. You love to see it,” said Viator.

Although there is a restriction, you can still tune into the games on NFHS Network.

When the restrictions are lifted we know that the Hawks nest will be packed!