Success at French Club’s Crepe Stand


Photo taken by Alejandra Dickens

The french club stood relived after the chaos of the crepe stand.

Alejandra Dickens, Digital Media Editor

After the final bell rang after school on February 2nd throngs of students stormed outside to get their crepes like french revolutionaries stormed the Bastille Prison. The French Club Crepe stand was advertised on the announcements which created anticipation for the long awaited crepe stand. 

The crowd was much larger than the french cub expected but the enthusiasm was welcome. The line was chaotic and high school athletes tried to get their crepes as quickly as possible before they had to go to practice. 

“I think we made people’s days,” said Brooke Aierstock, member of french club. The line was humming with energy and money was thrust at french club members in exchange for an amazing crepe. As supplies started to wane the crowd became desperate and the French club prioritized prepaid orders for crepes. After the chaos was over, the French club sighed in relief. Their idea was a huge success.  

“The crowd was ferocious but the service from the French club was great,” said Edgar Pastran, a senior at RHS. The student body really enjoyed the crepe stand and many were surprised by the crowd outside. I myself enjoyed a delicious crepe along with many others. 

Overall I think that the french club had a great idea and the best part was that all proceeds went to a local food pantry.

Be on the lookout for more food opportunities after school advertised in the announcements. Let us know your ideas for future food stands.