Friendlier Furniture Coming to a Classroom Near You

Cameron Cassano, Writer

Research shows that classroom furniture affects a student’s wellbeing. Having to learn in an uncomfortable environment can damage academic success.

Rhinebeck schools are in the process of purchasing furniture that supports classroom participation in lessons, supports all body shapes, and fits both right- and left-handed students. The goal for the new furniture is to make students comfortable and more able to engage in class.

Katelin Grande’s RHS classroom 147 has recently been changed to be a demo-room to see how the new furniture works.

When asked what the motivation was for making this change to our district, Albert Cousins said that the biggest reason was that one of the BOE goals was how they use space across the district.

“[We] want to provide a lot more flexibility for teachers to be able to do more collaboration and more discussion,” said Cousins.

In addition to the furniture, the district is looking to offer more inviting unstructured spaces.  Superintendent Cousins described efforts to create a “campus feel.”