Chapter 5: Action

As aforementioned, the decision the Supreme Court has made is outrageous. They should not have that much power over more than 50% of the US population. Ways that you can help are to attend protests, call/write to your state representatives, and or spread the word, as it makes a huge difference for everyone to know what is going on and why it matters. Some great resources to find out more about both sides of this argument are this article from Planned Parenthood which explains the aftermath of Roe v. Wade being overturned, a YouTube video posted by Comment Debate which explains the history and opinions of both sides of this debate, and this article explaining more of Roe v. Wade’s history and original impact. In addition, if you are able to vote, voting for representatives (senators and congressmen) that will help to repair the damage the Court’s decision has done is a very important step to having Roe v. Wade legal nationwide again. 

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