Chapter 6: Why Action is Necessary

Again, I ask that you please do all you can to help us. I am a young woman in this world, and if I were raped, I should not have to carry that child to term; no one should. We don’t deserve this awful punishment when we have done nothing wrong. This entire situation makes me so afraid for a future where even more of our and other uterus holders’ rights could be taken away. A future where we wouldn’t be truly living, where we would practically be hollow objects that are used, mistreated, and ignored day after day after day. A future where our bodies aren’t our own and our thoughts and opinions are stifled. I wouldn’t wish that future upon anyone. We didn’t ask for this added weight on our shoulders to prevent that future for this nation’s future from materializing for our descendants. 

For so long, women have been considered less than men, and this terrible choice is just another example of our voices and our cries and our hopes and our fears being silenced and ignored and rejected. I am horrified, and I am exasperated. It is terrifying and disheartening to have choices being made about your body and to feel like there is no way to stop them; no way to reclaim your body as your own. 


Please, help us. Even if you don’t align with pro-abortion values, take into account how this decision could affect many other aspects of our country. Consider friends or family that could be affected by future Supreme Court decisions, how they could affect your community, or how they could affect you. Even if this case in particular may not disturb your life, it doesn’t mean the next one won’t. It is important we stand together so that all of our voices are heard and we can have a country that truly reflects the wishes of the people living in it. According to a poll by Gallup, the majority of American voters think abortion should be legal in either some or all circumstances. The decision of five people shouldn’t oppose over 72 million Americans.

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