Grace Ellis, Managing Editor

The wait is over: Student Council election results are in! The winners for each Student Council office are listed below.

Student Council Officers

President: Elena Raccuia

Vice President: Ainsley Dutton

Treasurer: vacant

Secretary: Kaiya Stafford

Senior Class Officers

President: Gabrielle Lamprou

Vice President: Esther Murray

Treasurer: Martin Kent

Secretary: Thomas Stark

Junior Class Officers

President: Matthew Raccuia

Vice President: Jack Viator

Treasurer: vacant

Secretary: Alexis Martinez

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Joseph Hagerty

Vice President: Finn Quested

Treasurer: Brooke Aierstok

Secretary: Emma Neuneker

Voting took place online on Friday, June 5th. 53% of all 9th grade students voted, 69% of 10th grade students, 65% of 11th grade students.

Some positions in Student Council are vacant, meaning no student ran for those positions. If a student is interested in filling a vacant position, they can go through the appointment process at the beginning of next school year.

Please contact Student Council Adviser Mr. Moor at [email protected] to learn more about the appointment process.