“Clueless” (1995) Review


The movie Clueless (1995) is not what you may think it would be about. The movie is about a younger teen girl, Cher, raised in a rich family with her dad, Mel, at Beverly Hills High School. The movie has lots of things going on in it.  She grew up in this “I get whatever I want” world and because of that, she is now a teenager who thinks everything is about her. She is very self-centered and really only cares about herself. She does tricky things in high school to eventually cheat her way out of bad grades. She is a young girl who gets whatever she wants, she is very fashionable and clever when it comes to being outside of school. Cher has a stepbrother who always bothers her whenever he is over. She later figures out in the movie towards the end why he is so bothersome to her even though he only sits with her dad to do law stuff. The movie isn’t what you would expect the outcome to be, although it is fun and interesting to watch.  

This movie is great and I recommend watching this if you are found bored or have nothing to do. 

I rate this movie a 10/10.