The Pep Rally

The Pep Rally

Miriam Palastra, Reporter

pep rally     /ˈpep ˌralē/


a day when all the grades participate in fun activities and challenges to inevitably crown the senior class victorious.

Whether you’re watching, or you’re brave enough to participate, the day of the pep rally is one we all look forward to.

It’s a known fact that the seniors will always win. For them, the pep rally is a celebration of their seniority and acts as a way to celebrate the fact they’re graduating.

When you look into it, the pep rally is the only time when we have school spirit and are happy to be a part of Rhinebeck High School.

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As an athlete at RHS, I can speak from experience to the fact that it’s very rare for Rhinebeck students to show up to our sports games. No one has the drive to go out and watch their friends or peers play a game.

Since Rhinebeck students have no school spirit or pride for our own teams, the pep rally is the only chance we get to feel proud of our school and participate in an activity that isn’t academic.

The Pep Rally is very important for our school. We need to work hard as students to be able to continue having pep rallies. We need to highlight more of our sports teams. We need to show our school spirit, not only through academics, but also by fun events like the Pep Rally.