The Best Fall Foods in Rhinebeck


Alejandra Dickens

As I sit on one of the many benches in town, I feel a cool breeze. It’s the kind of breeze that just screams fall. As I soak in the sweet brush of this breeze, the delicious crunch of falling leaves, the tangy smell of pumpkin spice wafting from nearby coffee shops, the splendor of fall hits me. But what makes fall so wonderful? The pumpkin ice cream cone in my hand is one of the many answers to this question. All the traditional fall foods make this season so awesomely amazing! So let’s dive into the best Fall foods in Rhinebeck.

  • One of my personal favorites is the pumpkin ice cream found in Village Pizza. The creamy, flavorful goodness of this ice cream is unreal. Made just across the river with New York State cows’ milk, local ingredients, and no artificial colors, Jane’s ice cream is the way to go. Be sure to check it out in Village Pizza or at other locations in Dutchess County. Look out for Jane’s ice cream’s other fall flavors, gingersnap and cinnamon crumb cake.
  • Once it starts to get chilly, there’s nothing better than warm cup of Chai tea from Samuel’s Sweet Shop. The mix of bright, colorful spices make this tea is hard to resist. And this isn’t just any hot beverage, it also comes iced!
  • If you’re wandering through town after school, searching for a filling, sugary snack, look no further than Bread Alone’s sticky bun. This treat perfectly emulates what Fall is all about: comfort and indulgence. It’s sticky, super sweet, and absolutely delicious. 
  • Rose Hill Farm has the best fall fruits that you can pick yourself. These flavorful apples can find a cozy home under a flaky pastry roof in a piping-hot apple pie. Here’s a recipe that my sister tried, and it turned out perfectly! What’s your favorite kind of apple? For our pie, we used many different kinds of apples to craft a complex, colorful base of flavor. To learn more about Rose Hill Farm, click here.

Be sure to check out all of the fall foods in Rhinebeck; they won’t be back until next year!