Color Galore! The Feelings Color Evokes

We all think about color when we pick out our clothes in the morning. But did you know there is science behind the feelings color evokes? if you find yourself picking out clothes that are dark you may not be in a bright mood.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, in the past decade there has been much more interest in research on color and psychological functioning. Important advances have been made in theoretical work and empirical work, but there are also important weaknesses in both areas that must be addressed for the literature to continue to develop.

Current science shows that warmer colors generate feelings of happiness, and colder colors bring out sadder feelings. Check out the list below to see which kinds of feelings different colors evoke.

Pink – The feeling of reassurance

Red – The feeling of anger 

Orange – The feeling of excitement and warmth

Yellow – The feeling of happiness 

Green – The feelings of laughter and joy

Blue – The feelings of sadness or hurt 

Purple – The feeling of ambition 

Black – The feelings of loneliness and nothingness

White – The feeling of peacefulness 

Brown – The feeling of home and security

What’s your favorite color and why?