Sinterklaas and Its Starlit Sturgeon Swim into Town

The Seven Sisters lead the yearly parade as Sinterklaas kicks off!

Oona Shain, Reporter

Rhinebeck, NY–December 7, 2019

Music begins to play and the dark streets are finally illuminated by the paper stars. As huge, beautifully-handcrafted puppets fill the town, it’s clear Sinterklaas has begun.

If you’re new to Rhinebeck, or just haven’t been around past Decembers, you might be asking yourself “what is Sinterklaas?”  

Sinterklaas is a day in December filled with fun activities, good food and an amazing parade to end the night. It draws on the Hudson Valley’s old connection to the Dutch and adds some modern day twists.

It’s also a day to honor children and to celebrate the youth in our community. 

Every year we pick a new animal to honor and to focus on throughout the day. This year, we honor the Sturgeon, a prehistoric fish, which is actually found in the Hudson.

This festive day felt special this year, celebrating an animal that felt so significant to the Hudson Valley.

Although the festivities are over, the Sinterklaas signs and lights still hang all around the town reminding us to appreciate light and happiness during the darkest days of the year.