Bulletin 1.8.20


Rhinebeck High School Daily Bulletin


Today is Wednesday, January 8, and it’s a C day.  


Did you know?

January is national soup month.  Submit your favorite recipe to Rhinebeck Reality!


Food for Thought:  According to the U.S. Naval Observatory, the agency that maintains the country’s master clock, the new millennium began on Jan. 1, 2001. That would mean that the new decade would begin in 2021…  

Rhinebeck Reality’s Spotlight series continues!  This time the focus is on a professional staff member—someone other than a teacher who we want to learn more about.  Drop a name in the box in the cafeteria, and we’ll take it from there!


Rhinebeck Reality meets after school on Thursday for a pizza-party-layout-meeting!  All are welcome to support our editors, writers, and staff members put together the next print issue. 


Debate Club will meet after school on Thursday in Room 102. 


Creative Writing Club meets Monday.  Come to room 105 after school to enjoy a fun prompt and some hot cocoa!


Gender Equity club meets tomorrow in Room 147!


Don’t forget! After school snacks are available for purchase every day at the BMS cafeteria until 3:10 pm!


Community Service:  Check the community service calendar for more information! 


Happy Birthday to Heather Raum, Beatrix Briggs, and Ella Wolfe !