Rhinebeck Students Take Part In A Racial Equity Walkout Event


Senior and organizer of Tuesday’s event Makena Jackson, stands with Eleanor Butler and Emma Madigan on the corner of East Market Street.

Oona Shain, Editor-In-Chief

12 PM- Tuesday, October 21st


Rhinebeck High School and Bulkeley Middle School Students joined together to promote the Black Lives Matter movement.


After months of protests, events and fundraisers, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to be at the forefront of social media and discussions.

Middle school students participated on Tuesday, proving that no one is too young for activism.


High School students organized a walkout from school and planned to meet at the main intersection in Rhinebeck. 


Students occupied the intersection for two hours, chanting and chalking the nearby sidewalks. They received support from passing cars and posted QR codes for more info on telephone polls; all in all, the event was a success.

Students chalked ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Vote’ in the middle of the intersection during red lights.
Ninth Graders June Nathan, Sofia Guerra, Maya Quon and Frances Nathan hold signs encouraging cars to honk to support black lives.






Did you participate in the BLM walkout event? How are you actively discussing race issues and confronting your own biases?