Quiet Face-off, Muted Microphones: RHS Debate Club Zooms 2nd Presidential Debate

Rhinebeck Reality Staff

“Will you shut up, man?”

Former Vice-President Biden’s wish appears to be granted tonight at the last Presidential debate with Trump and Biden.

The RHS debate club will be hosting a Zoom meeting tonight at 8:45, open to everyone. 

The debate starts at 9 PM, and the microphones will be muted.  Debate club officers will have an open chat and a shared screen.

Different from the first time, the candidates will have their microphones muted when it is not their turn to speak.

For the zoom link contact Debate Club Presidents Beatrix Briggs, Max Kaplan, or Esther Murray.

And Seniors, just for you…

Mr. Lavazzo has offered to excuse any seniors who come to the meeting tonight from next week’s module in Gov.!