New Human Rights Club to Engage Student Activists


There are many clubs in RHS, but one that is noticeably absent is a Human Rights Club. If a Human Rights Club was formed, what would it look like, and how would students be able to engage in such an important topic? 

The purpose of the club is to allow students to engage with historical and modern issues and organize for social change. Students would be taught about human rights, knowledge and empathy. 

Some of the activities would include having students create their own list of human rights, and comparing it to the official United Nations list of human rights. Students would also watch the documentary, “The Story of Human Rights” and discuss it as a group. Club members could also participate in fundraisers, volunteer work, hosting guest speakers who will speak to the school, and writing letters to our representatives. 

Currently, the formation of a Human Rights Club is being reviewed by the board of education, and RHS principal Dr. Davenport says that he thinks, “that the club should be officially formed by December”. There are multiple students interested in joining the club, who provided the names of other students who could be interested in joining. 

Although an advisor for the club won’t be chosen until the club is officially formed, the school board has several staff members who might want to run the club.