Equity and Social-Emotional Wellness Established as BOE Priorities


BOE Priorities 2020-2021

Jasmina Lodoe, Reporter

Every year the Board of Education determines the priorities for the Rhinebeck Central School District. This is extremely important since it determines the overall direction of the school; how budgets are spent, and what kind of programs will be available to the students.

Albert Cousins, the new Superintendent, is responsible for working with the school board to determine these priorities. When asked what the story behind their priorities was, Superintendent Cousins responded “As we collectively reviewed this list, and as I shared what I learned from the various Town Halls and discussions with teachers and school staff, we affirmed that two of the most critical areas needing attention as being Social Emotional Wellness and Equity.

He further explains that Social Emotional Wellness and Equity are the core principles for the school district by stating that his “job is to keep those priorities in the discussions as we develop, review, and make a future vision for programs and practices in the schools.

The school board overlooks this process and is an important part of making sure the community has input into the process. In this way, there are many opinions and viewpoints taken into account which makes a stronger final plan.

These policies are here to make sure the school is a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. The goal is that students will have better attitudes towards themselves and others, which is something that will benefit them not only now but once they are out of school as well.