Supporting Our Student-Athletes


Dominic Umbro-Sclafani, Reporter

This senior night was gonna be a big one,” Makena Jackson, a varsity volleyball athlete, described her disappointment with the loss of her senior season.

“…All of the underclassmen make us personalized posters and gifts. The girls in my year were the backbone of the team and our absence would have such a large impact,” Jackson said.

For safety, many school sports have been canceled or delayed, so it’s critical to support students who can’t do athletics right now due to the COVID pandemic.

Some kids may be mad or in denial of cancellations, but a way to help them is to give them space to express themselves and help them participate in activities to keep them active.

It is also important to keep them healthy so they don’t get sick or depressed.

In “How to Support Athletes through Changes during COVID-19,” Kimberly Williams shares tips like being ready to offer support.

Williams says an athlete views their sport as their identity.

They are put at a higher risk for mental health challenges when they are unable to play.

She advises to show support by listening to how they feel, and participating in other activities with them.

The key point is to provide mental health support and help them manage their thoughts and feelings before it affects their quality of life.