Strategies for Life in the Time of Covid: Lynn Lyons Returns to RHS


Rhinebeck Reality Staff

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the COVID pandemic, you might feel fresh out of ideas for handling the stress, the isolation, the fatigue.

Good news for you:  Lynn Lyons is here to help!

Lyons is a therapist, speaker, and author of several books targeted towards helping families and young people manage anxiety. 

She has worked with our school in the past, presenting to both parents and staff on preventative methods of dealing with worry and anxiety. 

“Her approach is not about ‘getting rid’ of anxious thoughts, feelings, or sensations, but rather on understanding them, expecting them, and learning skills to manage our anxious thoughts when they show up.” says Ms. Rodier, our school social worker.

With the beginning of the pandemic, life has changed. In a changing world, even our local school community has been impacted; there are new challenges and obstacles that we must face as teachers, parents and students. For almost a year we’ve had to learn to deal with change, transform our habits and take on new skills. 

According to Ms. Rodier, “many of our students have identified feeling more anxious this year as compared to other years, and for good reasons.” When faced with new challenges, it’s totally normal to have anxious and intense emotions, that can sometimes overwhelm us. With new obstacles, also comes the opportunity to grow and learn. It’s vital that we all learn new skills to negotiate these challenges. 

Lyons has “helpful ideas for creating routines, and finding ways to add more gratitude, joy, and even silliness to our lives,” says Ms. Rodier.  

Lyons gives great advice for parenting, so parents and guardians should be sure to come to the presentation.  Check out her podcast called Flusterclux, and be sure to register for the March 3rd event:

Living and Learning in a Pandemic:

Skills We Can (and Should!) Teach Children and Teens.

Wednesday, March 3rd 

6:30-8:00 via Zoom

Register here.