RHS Students Open Lockers to the Narnia of COVID Technology


Sarah Anne Szabo

Joey Dull, class of 2022, accesses her locker to obtain her laptop. Over the summer, the RHS staff placed the MacBooks in lockers for us to receive when we arrive at the school. However, some students–especially those new to our district— had some initial trouble actually getting their tech up and running.

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Colin Reichelt

Rhinebeck Reality Staff

It was Christmas morning for most students at Rhinebeck High School when they were delighted to find their uncharged laptops sitting alone in their new lockers on the first day of school. 

These MacBook Airs were much appreciated last year. 

Students used them as a helpful tool to Canvas, Office 365, and Google Drive all in one place, while avoiding back pain from carrying a million binders. 

When interviewing members of the Rhinebeck community, they saw many benefits but felt a few of the kinks as well. 

“I think they’re nice. It’s nice not to have to carry around binders and have all your stuff in one place,” Autumn Cupano (class of 2022) said. 

‘Yeah it makes sense. It’s convenient.” Mr. Cahill, our 11th grade US History teacher, said. 

Other teachers will proceed with caution.

“I’m going to be using the computers as little as possible in my Geometry classes this year, just because we all need a break from being tied to the screen last year,” Mr. Randall said.

As we look towards the future of this slightly different pandemic year, we can be sure that the laptops will once again be helpful in our learning process. 

Laptops are great tools for making less paper waste and keeping all of your files in one place. 

Another boost that Rhinebeck has given us this year is free digital access to the New York Times

This bonus is incredibly helpful for finding credible sources for school research. 

Stay tuned to see if there are any new magical gifts waiting in your locker!!