New Signage Makes All Gender Bathroom More Inclusive

New Signage Makes All Gender Bathroom More Inclusive

The All Gender restroom in the cafeteria hallway has been a topic of much discussion since its arrival in 2020. While the introduction of this space seemed like a massive step towards making Rhinebeck a more inclusive space for all, the signage still left room to be desired. 

The black and white sign nailed to the door of a bathroom intended for all genders had a picture of a man and woman on it. This small, yet crucial, detail reaffirmed the assumption that gender is binary— entirely defeating the purpose of having a gender neutral space.

 Many members of the RHS community were distressed by this choice of sign, including advisor to the Gender Equity club Katelin Grande. Her determination was crucial to getting the sign replaced by a truly gender neutral sign that simply indicated the presence of a toilet.

After putting in a work order requesting the removal of the original sign, Ms. Grande finally went to Emily Davison to get the sign replaced. 

The new sign is a small triumph, but it raises concerns about the plethora of steps required to fix problems with easy solutions around the school. 

Where should members of our community go to voice their concerns?

Currently, the Tip Line System on the school website is the only way to draw attention to issues regarding the inclusivity of our school. Rhinebeck Reality wonders whether this system is enough.