A Message from Student Council

A Message from Student Council

Student Council

Dear Rhinebeck Students,

Rhinebeck Student Council feels compelled to issue a statement in light of the recent antisemitic acts in our school.

We condemn all forms of antisemitism unequivocally and are appalled by the lack of empathy and consideration for our peers reflected in recent student behavior.

Nazi symbols, Nazi salutes, and other forms of hate-speech have no place in our community. Student use of Nazi symbolism creates a hostile school environment for all students, most especially, our Jewish peers. The harm done to our fellow students cannot be ignored. 

Student Council supports severe discipline for any student caught using any Nazi symbolism or engaging in antisemitic hate speech on campus, including suspension and/or expulsion. 

We encourage student bystanders to report hateful comments and symbols and remind everyone that our school has an anonymous tip line: https://asp.schoolmessenger.com/rhinebeck/quicktip/

Student Council has also noted that some students make antisemitic comments under the guise of humor. It is important to understand, however, that these words have historical significance and negative effects on our fellow students. Antisemitism is never comical. It is hateful, and we believe that it is our collective responsibility to keep this school a safe and respectful space for everyone. 

If you would like to learn more about antisemitism and its ugly history, please refer to the resources below: 




Our school is a place for acceptance and education – not hate and harm. This is a problem that we must face together as a community, which is why Student Council is looking into how we can further educate our community on this important topic and prevent future incidents of antisemitism and discrimation. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Student Council with any further questions or concerns regarding this urgent issue. 


Rhinebeck Student Council

[email protected]