“Parasite” (2019) Reviews

Parasite (2019) Reviews

Submerged and overwhelmed. Two words to describe the viewing experience of Bong Joon Ho’s film Parasite. After the viewer is introduced to poor life in South Korea we are placed directly in the middle of a family in the midst of a plan. The family’s plan is to infiltrate their way into a rich South Korean family and assume residency. With many plot twists and character development we see the motives behind the families actions and the problems in South Korean hierarchy. This movie is such a rich movie that you cannot miss a minute of it because of its fast pacing and unrelenting building suspense.

If you love horror and thriller movies, this is the one for you. Parasite 9.5/10″


“Clinging to your seat, you will be anxiously admiring the success of director, Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite. Joon-ho seamlessly stitches together the symbolism in the title, Parasite, by showing us rich exploiting the poor as the poor leech off the rich; both rich and poor are like a parasite, slowly manifesting and destroying each other. This movie endlessly evokes the stress and anxiety that any thriller/horror film needs in order to be successful. Brutal and uncomfortable are many of the topics and rich images, with incredible performances by actors Park Seo-joon, Lee-sun kyun, Park So-dam, Jung-Ji-so, and Yeo-jeong Cho all the while. Although disturbing, the film intensely tells an important message in class differences and the effect of socioeconomic status in the relationships in our society.

I would give Parasite a 9.5/10 for its triumph in attaining all the things a successful thriller/horror movie needs.”