“Flushed Away” (2006) Review


Flushed Away (2006), produced by Dreamworks Studio and Aardvark Animations, follows the story of fancy London rat Roddy as he goes on an unplanned trip into the sewers of London. His sensitivity and good ideas eventually convince a city rat to help him get back home. Their escape and flight from an evil frog picks up the pace of movie and it all doesn’t stop until they both are needed again to save the entire rat-sized mini London.

I find this movie to be quite a bit of fun, but I would’ve enjoyed it more if there was a backstory behind the evil frog and if more of a rat’s London was shown to the viewer. I rate this movie 2.75/5, and it would be higher if there was more depth to it. After all, it’s an animated movie from the same studio that made Wallace and Gromit, which I love even more, but with an American twist. Overall, it holds more value to me as a movie that has brought up good memories and laughs than something to reflect on later.