Makerspace Under Construction in 140 Wing


Alan Raitt

Hard at work, the 3D printer takes a string of plastic, melts it, and deposits it in the shape of an object as the plastic cools and fuses together.

Ever heard of a collaborative design lab? Or maybe the word Makerspace rings a bell?

Justin Randall, RHS Geometry teacher, has been planning to create one of our very own in the 140 wing of RHS.

“I have thought about the idea of a Makerspace for a few years now, but never expressed it to administration until last school year,” recalls Mr, Randall.

The topic only came up during a meeting regarding a 3D printer required for a portion of the school’s engineering program.

“The writing center space in Room 140 became an option after a discussion with the ELA Department,” said Randall.

Bringing the idea to Dr. Davenport, permission was given to start the project.

Beginning with a lone 3D printer, students wanted more, and with support from the Rhinebeck Science Foundation, a laser printer arrived at the soon-to-be collaborative design lab.

Shifting to the long term, this area’s main goal will be to enable students to, “come to learn and explore different topics or ideas of interest to them,” said Randall.

Students in Ms. Baer’s graphic design and advertising courses, as well as AV club, will also benefit from the lab, as the computer suite is connected to room 140.

This project is meant to be developed, “as it goes,” said Mr. Randall, but will take inspiration from a design lab in Norristown, Pennsylvania, called Fluxspace.

Again, the RHS lab is still very much in progress, and more details will follow throughout the entire process.

“There still is a lot of figuring out to do,” said Mr. Randall.

Stay tuned!