“Moulin Rouge!” Film Review


Moulin Rouge! (2001), directed by Baz Luhrmann, is about a young man named Christian in Paris of 1899 who falls in love with a singer named Satine at the famous Moulin Rouge. However they must keep their love a secret as she was to be wed to a wealthy Duke. She was promised to the Duke by Harold Zidler, The owner of Moulin Rouge, in order to finance the conversion of the club into a theater. As the young lovers continue to meet in secret, tensions begin to rise between the Duke, Christian, and Satine as the wedding day grows closer and closer. 

The movie itself is a jukebox musical which incorporates modern songs that have been already made rather than songs being made specifically for the musical. However, the incorporation of more modern music in the film was amazing considering the film is set in the very late 1800’s. 

I would recommend the movie to anyone who loves a good romance film with a heartbreaking end or to anyone who loves musical films that use more modern music. 

I give the film a 10/10 for its soundtrack, plot, and brilliant use of color and lighting.