Birds of Prey (2020) Film Review


Birds of Prey (2020), both a spin off and sequel to Suicide Squad (2016), follows the notorious Harley Quinn after her recent breakup of her and The Joker (who is Gotham City’s terror and arch rival of Batman). However, Joker isn’t the villain of this film. But an equally terrifying Roman Sionis is. Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya all team up with Harley in order to protect Cassandra Cain from Roman’s power hungry violence. 

The movie features many DC characters that haven’t been in the light for a very long time. This revival of other DC characters will hopefully result in more female heroes or villains being introduced in future DC movies. Birds of Prey is not the only group within DC that has some impressive characters,  The Gotham City Sirens are another group that will hopefully make an appearance in the future. It includes Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. 

The soundtrack for this film is a great listen, having several well known artists like Doja Cat and Halsey make music specifically for the movie. Most of the music played is from a variety of different genres, But it always manages to fit perfectly with the scene it plays in. 

I give the movie a 10/10 for its overall plot of female empowerment, soundtrack, and Harley Quinn in general.