Title 42 Bites the Dust — What to Expect Next


Title 42, a controversial public health order and law re-introduced during Covid, has expired. 

It was created in 2020 as a safety precaution to protect against Coronavirus. The law allowed border officers to instantly turn away immigrants at the US-Mexico border. 

The lead-up and expiration of the law has caused an increase in immigrants coming to the US. Officials from Homeland Security believe that the number of immigrants crossing the border will increase by 10,000 a day. 

Because Title 42 has ended, Title 8, a separate law regarding immigration, is back completely. 

Title 8 explains how to handle immigrants at the border. It also gives people crossing over more time to claim asylum. 

There are cons to Title 8, however. While Title 42 stopped any punishment for crossing the border, Title 8 reinstated that. That caused many people to try and cross the border before the law expired.

We can only hope that government officials make more laws to ensure that people who need to cross the border can do so safely and easily.