Fall Hawk Day Takes Flight

RHS Students Enjoy First Fall Spirit Event


Remember the unorganized, overwhelming chaos of the RHS Pep Rally?

The screaming in the high school gym had students’ ears ringing for days after. The rally was an event with hardly any structure, and it lacked activities that included everybody in our school.
It’s no wonder we switched out the annual pep rally for two Hawk Days that celebrate our school community instead of making people feel crazed. Although some students would even plan an early dismissal to skip the old pep rally, Hawk Days (Fall and Spring) are something we can all look forward to.
Since Hawk Day went so well last year, we will have two this school year. Scheduling Hawk Day in the beginning of the school year and at the end of the year will make sure that our school spirit is at its maximum all year long.
This year’s fall Spirit Week and Hawk Day led up to the annual Andy Bennett tournaments. Andy Bennett was an avid athlete who passed away during his senior year at RHS in a tragic car accident. An annual sports tournament began as a way to remember him each year.

Hawk Day 2019 on Friday, October 11th, included arts and crafts, badminton, a giant parachute to play with, and of course live music from student bands. Students painted pumpkins, and fought a full-out four square battle. There was even free food like burgers, hot dogs, chips, apples, and ice cream sandwiches.

Prizes were awarded at closing ceremonies to students who rocked Spirit Week and senior athletes were recognized by their teammates
Thanks to the hard work of the student council, Hawk Day got school year 2019-2020 off to a spirited start.