RHS Welcomes New Superintendent Albert Cousins


Beatrix Briggs

Mr. Cousins takes a moment for a socially distanced picture with Rhinebeck Reality’s Olivia Selby.

They say the “firsts” are always the hardest. Whether it’s your first day of school or your first time on an airplane we all know how stressful and exciting these new experiences can be. 


No one knows this better than our new Superintendent, Mr. Cousins. Not only did he start a new job in a new district, but he did so in the midst of a pandemic.


Albert Cousins has always known he wanted to be an educator. He discovered his passion for learning when he was just a teenager and says he loves the “energy and optimism in young people”. 


When it comes to education, Cousins says that he is “all in”. He doesn’t just work in a school, but also lives in a converted one room schoolhouse in Millbrook. 


Before coming to work at Rhinebeck, Cousins would commute two and a half hours a day to Long Island from the Hudson Valley. He had purchased a house in Millbrook even before getting a job in the area because “it just felt like home”.


When Mr. Cousins became Superintendent at Rhinebeck, he had to start a new job and meet countless new people all while dealing with unprecedented emergency circumstances. He feels that the hardest part about having to take over in a crisis was letting go of his former expectations. He had looked forward to getting to meet new people in a more systematic and in depth way. Instead, he has had to focus on an emergency response and was forced to meet people along the way.


However, he has found a silver lining amidst all this chaos. Living in these uncertain times has increased teacher and parent involvement and the turnout to town halls has been better than ever. These frightening times have compelled people to come together to work towards a common goal.


Although Mr. Cousins said he has spent many sleepless nights worrying about the start of  school, he is extremely proud of what everyone has accomplished. 


Did You Know?


  • Mr. Cousins loves “outdoor, mountainous landscapes”  He says his perfect vacation would be a trip to the Canadian Rockies. 
  • He has two rescue kittens named Koda and Lana del Grey. 
  • Mr. Cousins loves tennis, and plays any chance he gets. Sometimes, he even travels to tournaments!
  • Over quarantine he rewatched Parks and Rec. and 30 Rock.
  • He is very passionate about coaching Colorguard; a competitive and team oriented performance ensemble. He travels for these competitions as well.