Tiny LOVE Stories


Rhinebeck Reality is posting your 100-word stories each month. Each story will have a maximum of 100 words and follow the theme of the month. The theme of the month is posted on flyers around the school. To get involved just submit your 100-word story to Sarah Szabo at [email protected] and Zelda Kosofsky [email protected] for the theme of that month.

Alejandra Dickens

The kitchen emitted delicious aromas as John waited for Amanda to see his surprise. He took the roast out of the oven and slowly poured gravy over the top. He then donned oven gloves and brought the roast to the table. The spread of food was expansive ranging from Amanda’s favorite chocolate cake to potatoes smothered in butter. The long dining table sparkled with flickering candles and prized silverware. Minutes ticked by and the roast began to cool. “Let’s eat before it gets cold Amanda!” John went up to the master bedroom and ushered Amanda down the stairs. He then placed an urn across from him on the table. Happy anniversary my dear.

Zelda Kosofsky

she’d fall in love with the way your hair grazes your cheeks. she’d fall in love with smudges on your doc martens. she’d fall in love with sleep perpetually on your eyes and freckles oddly placed on your arms, on your hands. she’d ask you to be with her on monday or tuesday. she’d ask you to stay with her on wednesday or thursday. she’d ask you to marry her the following friday and your wedding would be that saturday and into sunday.

i’d find you on the most ordinary day and turn us into the most extraordinary being.

Killian Briggs

they say how they wish they didn’t smile at each mention of your name.
they say how they love to watch as you absently move your hands in between thoughts; they say you look most beautiful then.
and they say they remember every unheard murmur you’ve exchanged, calling it such a treasured series of blurry warm.
they say they know it’s growing heavier, always, and that soon they won’t be strong enough to carry it.
they foresee the eventual fall, they tell me when it will come,
now, they say,
but never do they brace themselves for this supposed inevitable.

The theme for March is Spring. Start writing your 100-word tiny SPRING stories.