Tiny SPRING Stories


Rhinebeck Reality is posting your 100-word stories each month. Each story will have a maximum of 100 words and follow the theme of the month. The theme of the month is posted on flyers around the school. To get involved just submit your 100-word story to Sarah Szabo at [email protected] and Zelda Kosofsky at [email protected] for the theme of that month.

Alejandra Dickens

Breezy brisk walks fill lapses of time when I can’t stand to be inside as sleepy daffodils and seasonal marshmallow peeps awake from their hibernation. Festivals filled with floral arrangements pop up like new life while birds dine from my feeder. Refreshing time outdoors makes me want to crawl back to winter, under the covers to hide from the cold. It’s warmer inside the blankets but now I’ll pretend it’s just as warm. Funny how when it’s one season I’ll always want another. Little lambs won’t care which season they prefer. They see the flowers and know time has passed.

We are skipping April for the Tiny BLANK stories. With the lack of tiny stories in April, RR is requesting you to submit your literary works to the literary magazine, Murmur.

The theme for May will be FUTURE in honor of the Seniors making their college decision on May 1st.

Start writing your literary magic for Murmur and your Tiny FUTURE stories.  There is more information about the literary magazine on flyers around the school.