BMS Student Council Holds First Dance Since Covid


Ever since Covid-19 hit the world on March 13th, middle schoolers and teachers alike have needed something fun to do. On March 11th, we finally had something that allowed everyone to just relax and hang out with friends. 

The dance was organized by the BMS Student Council as an effort to increase school spirit. It took place in the BMS gymnasium. 

It cost five dollars to enter, and all food and drink cost an additional one dollar per item. The money made went to BMS’s field day.

The students saw many notable teachers, including student teacher Ms. Hartley, 6th grade teachers Mr. Wiesenthal and Mrs. Wilsey, and Special Education teacher Mr. Sneed. 

Eleanor Ellis

One notable moment from the dance was when the DJ called on two students, 7th grader Ella Donnelly and 6th grader JJ Robinson, to go and lead the entirety of the dance in the famous hit “YMCA.” 

The whole dance exploded into hundreds of students with their arms raised to the beat of the song. 

When the dance ended at 8:00 pm, students were happy and tired from dancing. 

To conclude, the first BMS dance was a massive success and left people wondering what other surprises the BMS staff and student council have in store this year now that Covid restrictions have been lifted.