“The Cat in the Hat”(2003) Review


The live-action adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat (2003) starring Mike Myers provides an exciting, whimsical recreation of a beloved childhood classic. After a human-sized cat makes a surprise appearance at their house, Sally and Conrad get wrapped up in a rainy-day-turned-fun full of comical creatures and hilarious hijinks. However, their fun soon turns into a lost dog and out-of-this-world problems, and the three have to fix the problems they caused before Sally and Conrad’s mother gets home.

The movie adaptation is truly accurate to the original story, with a unique and extensive plot that will keep any audience intrigued for the whole runtime. Based off its nostalgia factor for both those who grew up reading Dr. Seuss, and for those (like myself) who could watch this movie a hundred times over, as well as its originality and creativity,

I’d rank this movie as a 9/10 (minus one point on behalf of the several people who’ve told me that the movie feels like a fever dream and/or that it scared them).