“La La Land” (2016) Film Review


A personal favorite of musical romances: La La Land (2016), directed by Damien Chazelle, takes place in Los Angeles and follows two characters Mia and Sebastian. Mia is an aspiring actress who can’t seem to get a gig while Sebastian is a piano player who hopes to one day own a Jazz club.  The two meet in the oddest of ways and are drawn together through the hopes of their dreams. As each are presented with more opportunities, their love begins to have less and less. A perfect “will they or won’t they?” movie. 

The color within the film is one of the more notable aspects as bright, outstanding colors are within most scenes. If they aren’t bright colors, then it’s normally a nice blend of darker colors that still give the illusion of colorfulness. The color often presents itself within their outfits which clashes nicely with the background of any scene they are in, day or night. 

The soundtrack, following the format of a musical, still sounds good as a standalone. Most of the songs are upbeat and something you want to dance to. Their counterparts of the more slow dancing romantic songs also provide the same feeling. 

The movie is a 10/10 for the plot, soundtrack, and use of lighting and color.