Earl Grey


Earl Grey, Reporter

Should I date?

Having experience in the dating pool can be a good or bad thing. I have had some experience, and dating is super fun. But break-ups are super messy. Especially when you have a smaller school and everyone knows everyone. But don’t be scared to date because of the possibility of a breakup. Try it out, and see how you feel. If it’s not for you, wait until you’re out of high school.

– Earl Grey

What do I do if my friend or best friend is mad at me?

If this situation has been going on for a while, and nothing is getting done, then having a conversation is the best way to resolve your problems. If you know why they’re mad, then at least you have something to improve on. A genuine apology will go a long way, and will still let them know you care. If they won’t tell you what’s going on, then give them space. If they’re a real friend they will forgive you eventually, or at least tell you what’s bothering them. Remember, space isn’t always a bad thing.

– Earl Grey

I have no motivation to do schoolwork and I spend way too much time on my phone. What should I do?

You are not alone. Everyone feels burnt out at some point or another. Try the Pomodoro Method (25 minutes work, 5 minutes break). I started to use that and reinforced it with a timer on my phone to make sure I didn’t break my rules. I also turned on relaxing music, which helped me focus. Dedicate some time to cleaning up your space as well. Feeling rejuvenated may help you concentrate. Search on Youtube “The Pomodoro Method”, if you’re looking for a great study habit.

– Earl Grey

How do I avoid worrying about what others think about me? You have to be confident in yourself first. You cannot control whether every person will like you, and that’s okay. But in a few years, you won’t be surrounded by these people anymore. And there will be room for you to have more control over the people around you. The spotlight effect is a topic that is important to understand if you think people are caring about what you think. You judge yourself so much more in embarrassing situations than other people do. Try to reverse the roles if you’re feeling like everyone

– Earl Grey

How can I improve my resume for colleges as an underclassman?

This is a super important question to ask. Having a wide variety of experience in different activities is a great way to get accepted to colleges. I suggest looking at college summer programs, as there are so many that take underclassmen. Also, a lot of dedication to your school work looks great on resumes. Showing off projects you really enjoy can be impressive, and colleges will love to see that you care. But schoolwork and clubs are not the only way to improve a student’s resume.NYT columnist Pamela Paul wrote a recent article, “The Best Extra-curricular May Be an AfterSchool Job.” She says holding a job may be more beneficial than being in a club as well. She stresses that having a job helps you learn skills like time management and shows that you have a lot of personal responsibility. Preparing for college when you’re younger is better than waiting until the last minute. But taking time to find something that you enjoy is important, so find out what you want to focus on first.

– Earl Grey