Greta Thunberg and Her Fight for Change


“Greta! Greta!” chants the crowd, as millions of students and adults rise to their feet to see the 16 year old activist Greta Thunberg.

Every Friday, a 16 year old girl sits outside the Swedish Parliament skipping school and demanding climate justice.

This girl is Greta Thunberg, the starter of a movement called “Friday For Futures.” 

Her activism started with just her and has now has developed into a worldwide movement. She protests the way our government is dealing with the Climate Crisis and this protest demands action.  

I am doing this because nobody else is doing anything. It is my moral responsibility to do what I can. I want the politicians to prioritize the climate question, focus on the climate and treat it like a crisis.” she said. 

 She also has Asperger’s, which makes her think in terms of black and white. Aspergers is a developmental disorder which makes social interaction difficult and fixation of certain interests that take over your mindset. There are only two ways she sees things. Right and wrong.

 Sometimes this makes things harder, but when talking about the Climate Crisis, it makes the issue ever so clear to her. The way she sees it, we either solve this emergency, or we face a mass human extinction.  This state of mind makes her speeches and ideas even more rattling. She paints a picture of failure or success; there is no in between.

 “You’re not doing enough. Sorry,” she told the US Congress, in regards to solving the crisis. 

 She has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and she has been able to speak at the UN. She really is an incredible child who has started a movement that will surely go down in history. Her protests spread all around the world. 

The protest on Sep 20 was quite likely the largest climate protest in the history of the world. 

Markus Spiske
The fight for change in action

“Hundreds of thousands of young people around the world took to the streets on Friday to protest government inaction on the climate crisis.” NYT 

Greta Thunberg’s known for her message that you’re never too small to make a difference.