Rhinebeck Reality’s October Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Grande


Have you ever had a teacher that cares more about you than the homework due that day? 

Well, to many students, that teacher is Ms. Grande. 

For over 15 years, Grande has been providing snacks and love to all her RBK students. 

The students who nominated her described her as “kind and thoughtful,” and her room is considered a safe space to many students.

“I know Junior year is very stressful, so it’s anything I can do to help students feel more confident and empowered in themselves,” Grande told me. 

I also asked her why so many students believe her room is a safe space.

“It’s the small things that make a difference, I have good tissues, paper, I have femaine products, I have things that you might need to use. So when you walk in here, my first interaction with you isn’t going to be like why don’t you have this thing. It’s like do you need something.” 

And her favorite thing about teaching? “My favorite thing about teaching high school is seeing students become themselves and feel more comfortable and confident in themselves” 

But Ms. Grande doesn’t just want to help students today. She plans on exploring social emotional learning in the near future. “I want to learn more about social emotional impacts in the classroom and social emotional learning because I see an uptick in the amount of stress and anxiety in the students every year.”    

When you walk in here, my first interaction with you isn’t going to be like why don’t you have this thing? It’s like do you need something?

— Ms. Grande

So if you’re ever in need of an emotional talk or help with literary analysis, Grande is the teacher for you.

Thank you Ms. Grande for your kindness, intelligence, and most importantly your snacks. Your desire for learning and warmth towards all students provides a nurturing environment for Rhinebeck students.  

Ms. Grande is Rhinebeck Reality’s October Teacher Spotlight.

If you would like to nominate a teacher for November, fill out a slip in the Cafeteria or in Ms. Wheeler’s room.