Discover the Secrets of the Universe: Join Science Club Now


Our headline got you here, but you’ve got to come to the club to learn the secrets!

Jack Dykeman and Maisy Holehouse, Class of 2020, construct a kind of machine first invented by engineer and cartoonist Rube Goldberg.

The Rhinebeck Science Club is an environment for Rhinebeck high school students to explore all fields of science.

Members of the club can contribute activity ideas or even present their interests to the club.

In past years, the science club has done activities such as creating chain reaction contraptions (Rube Goldberg Machines), making crystal candy out of a supersaturated sugar solution, and synthesizing soap by reacting fat with a base.

“Sheck it out!”

— Mr. Stevenson

The Science Club members worked together to create a Rube Goldberg Contraption. The club separated into smaller groups and each group created a contraption that triggered the next contraption to start. This giant chain reaction had an end goal of pressing a button that said “Scheck it out!” with a recording of Mr. Stevenson’s voice.

Interested in Rube Goldberg machines?  Scheck THIS out!

Go Rube Goldberg!

The club has also participated in events such as the Rhinebeck Discovery Festival, as well as outreach to share the wonders of science at Chancellor Livingston School.

Despite the setbacks of COVID-19, the club will remain fun and engaging this year.

The science club will have activities such as online demonstrations, projects with at-home materials, group problem solving activities/riddles, and student presentations.

In hopes that coronavirus ends, the science club will return to normal next year ready to inspire students to become science lovers.

Science club meets on Mondays from 2:35pm – 3:15pm

Contact the folks below for a Zoom Meeting link:

Advisor Mr. Stevenson:

[email protected]

President Brandon Shih:

[email protected]