Student Council Attends Board of Ed Meeting


Josie Raccuia

Student Council President, Riley LeHane at left, looks on as Senior class president, Matthew Raccuia at center, presents some of his ideas and goals for the new school year. Student Council Advisor Mr. Moor, (right) watches the presentation.

Josie Raccuia and Ezra Steinman

Last Tuesday, September 28, 2021, the Rhinebeck Student Council had the opportunity to attend the Board of Education meeting to discuss their plans and goals for the new school year. 

Riley LeHane began the presentation by describing the Student Council’s effort to reconnect students through hawk day and spirit week after a challenging year of hybrid schooling.

Her speech was followed by the presidents of each class council who spoke about their own class initiatives.

Starting off, Jesse Tompkins, freshman class president, spoke about the Freshman Class, and informed everyone that they are still in need of a class advisor.

Next, Ezra Steinman, the president of the sophomore class, took the podium to speak about the goals and upcoming projects for their sophomore year; some of these ideas include improved cafeteria policies and school snacks.

After Ezra, Joe Hagerty, junior class president, spoke about their ideas for the new school year, fundraising for prom, and a fun way to reconnect students through the idea of a ping pong table available during lunch periods.

Matthew Raccuia, senior class president, ended the presentation by speaking about some of the events the senior class hopes to hold this year to create a great last year at Rhinebeck High School. Some ideas include a senior trip, a senior barbeque and a possible Krispy Creme fundraiser in the future.