“Us” (2019) Review

Us (2019) Review

The movie Us is a mystery and thriller film. The movie has lots of twists and turns and keeps you invested the whole time. The protagonist of the movie, Adelaide Wilson, and her family go on vacation to California only to be attacked by their vengeful doppelgängers in red jumpsuits, who call themselves The Tethered. A message this movie sends is that humans are their own worst enemy. We are always pointing the finger at others when in reality we should be looking at ourselves.

Overall, I think the movie Us is an 8/10. The pacing kills the momentum that was building up and it can get a little overwhelming or confusing if you aren’t following along. IMDb gave Us a 6.8/10, and Rotten Tomatoes critics gave it a 93%, but the audience gave it a 59%. You should watch this movie for 116 minutes of thrill and suspense.