“Mulan” (1998) Review


Disney’s 1998 animated Mulan, directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook, is arguably one of the best Disney movies ever produced. Mulan is an outcast with no potential as a bride who is desperate to bring honor to her lineage. Distressed to save her father from war, she  decides to take his place as a soldier. Not only does Mulan bring an exciting story to screens, but stars an incredibly well-rounded female character played by Ming-na Wen. She’s not in need of saving, but saves. I think one of the most important parts of the story is how her journey is realistic. Yes, there is a talking dragon, but the development of Mulan’s character is one many young women can relate to. She is forced to step into a man’s world and not only keep up, but exceed expectations because she’s a woman. She is flawed like any good character should be, with strengths and weaknesses playing into the plot. The soundtrack only adds to the depth of the story. The songs are not only catchy, but they synthesize the events and mood of the film.

Complete with humor, adventure, and finding oneself, I recommend everyone revisit this childhood classic.