“Fred Claus” (2007) Review


If you’re looking for a humorous Christmas movie, Fred Claus is for you. Starring Vince Vaughn, one of the champions of 2000s comedy, it tells the tale of Santas’ older brother. Often forgotten in children’s storybooks, Fred has become bitter towards his saintly brother and everything to do with Christmas. When circumstances push them together, things stray away from a typically jolly season. What’s best about this movie is the way it combines slapstick humor and more intense topics like self-image and family relationships. Fred, Santa, their family, and even the villain all struggle with personal worth and their own strained connections. Furthermore, it’s unique in the way it portrays Santa Claus as a person with more depth than typical Christmas movies. He isn’t perfect, and in fact the audience at times feels a dislike towards the man in red. With a sweet ending and hilarious scenes woven in, I recommend Fred Claus to anyone in search of an off-beat Christmas film. 

Rating: 8.5/10