“Under The Tuscan Sun”(2003) Review


Under The Tuscan Sun, directed by Audrey Wells, is a story of an American author in Tuscany as she rebuilds her life after a divorce. The movie is described as a comedy, drama and romance because Frances (Diane Lane) and the chances she takes for herself are the focus of the movie, instead of a relationship she has with someone else, although she does try different ways of healing her heartbreak.

While on a tour bus, Frances demands that the bus stops because she saw a beautiful house for sale. It is in the journey of renovating this big house that she populates it with new friends and meets the community surrounding the house. While Frances can’t seem to find a long term boyfriend in Tuscany, there is no doubt that love surrounds her- from her friends and neighbors Patti (Sandra Oh), Katharine (Lindsay Duncan), Martini (Vincent Riotta), and Pawel (Pawel Szajda). While hosting a wedding at her house, one of her neighbors helps her realize that everything she wished for months before had come true, just in ways she needed help recognizing.

“Under The Tuscan Sun” is a superb escape into sunny and hopeful Tuscany that will leave you feeling creative and like every little part of your life is unique to you and should be enjoyed with the vigor that the native Tuscans do in the movie. I rate it 7.8/10.