Let’s Talk About Love” Everything Everywhere All at Once


Hudson Cherrits

Coming off of its exceptional run in the 2023 Oscars, Everything Everywhere All at Once, is getting all the praise and glory it deserves. What may at first come off as a silly yet exciting action movie quickly turns into a fascinating story about a struggling mother trying to hold together her job, her marriage, and her relationship with her daughter and father.

When we think “love in movies” the first thing that comes to mind is probably rom coms or straight up romances- someone’s struggle to get with the person they love. Everything Everywhere All at Once, is nothing like that. It’s very unique in the way it tackles the relationships within the movie; you have Waymond and Evelyn who have been married for ages and are loosing their spark and Evelyn and Joy who broke apart long before the events in the film. Essentially Everything Everywhere All at Once, is a movie about building back relationships stronger, not forging them in the first place.

The film takes the theme of building back relationships and brings it to the next level. For example, Alpha Waymond is introduced in the film as Evelyn’s dream version of her husband. He is strong, assertive, and smart, a complete antithesis of the timid and submissive Waymond she is used to. However, as we get to know Alpha Waymond, we begin to see his shortcomings and normal Waymond begins to shine. This culminates with normal Waymond’s moving speech about being kind which transforms timid Waymond we were introduced to into a beautifully kind man, one that Evelyn can be proud to love.

Of course, the movie has so many other amazing moments including hilarious comedy, amazing acting, and fantastic acton sequences, mostly all 3 at the same time. It is one of my all time favorites and is also one of the few films i consider to be a 10/10.