Ms.Wheeler: Rhinebeck Reality’s December Teacher Spotlight


Jonah Carleton

Ms. Wheeler with her students Sofia, Grace,Emily and Gideon.

If you know anything about this school then you’ll know that Ms. Wheeler is everywhere. Not only is she an English teacher, but she’s also the advisor of the Rhinebeck Reality—-the journalism club—- and creative writing club and she’s even a part of the building level planning team.

 Wheeler managed to rope me into the newspaper even when I was dismissive about the idea. That right there is her superpower. She has the power to change a student’s whole perspective on so many things.  

“I get my energy from other people, so the idea of sitting alone somewhere as a writer or at a desk job was not an option.

I have always loved my content area which is literature and languages, and these are definitely subjects best explored collaboratively, hearing from and learning with others.” 

I really didn’t enjoy writing before but in a course of less than a year, Ms. Wheeler has made me a prolific and inspired writer. She encourages students every day to write about things they like and  they want to change. Almost anything and everything is on the table. 

 If you want to talk about something controversial, she’s all in and will guide you into making incredibly articles.   

She talked to be about risk taking and said, “In order to take creative risks, students need a safe and comfortable environment.” 

 She also generally cares and takes care of her students. She has snacks and drinks available. She is always very understanding in regards to academics. 

So, ifyou ever need help with writing, need a good snack or just want to talk about life, Ms. Wheeler is your person.


Ms. Wheeler is Rhinebeck Reality’s December Teacher Spotlight.